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AW16 - The process

Morning! So, right at the beginning of our blog journey I promised that I would be sharing all of the ideas, techniques and processes behind the Brae collections. So as not to disappoint, I thought I would dive straight in and let you in on the ideas behind one half of the debut Autumn winter 2016 collection, including the themes, colour palettes and the ideology behind the artwork…not bad for a Saturday morning! As proclaimed in our AW16 look book, the Brae launch collection is a fusion of bold lines with a feminine colour palette, ancient techniques with modern pixels, artisanal methods with industrial processes and the anarchy of nature with the formality of geometrics. Basically, a celebration of how...

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Buy less, choose well, make it last.

Do you have a garment in your wardrobe that you wear over and over again and just can’t bear to part with? Your old faithful?  Well, that’s a very, very good thing! I recently commented on my friends, oh so cool, over sized denim jacket, covered with embroidered motifs. So, “right now”, right?   Well no, actually, she’s been harboring it in her wardrobe since she was SIXTEEN, couldn’t bear to let it go and what luck, it’s back in again! Smug points for her. Now, I’m not saying that its good to hoard (it’s never good to hoard) or that you need to be a trend spotter because, actually it has nothing to do with trends. My point is that...

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Hello and welcome to The Brae Emporium Blog: a place where you can find out about the latest news, collection details, and ultimately our thoughts and musings on all things fashion, art, textiles and culture related.  We invite you in with open arms to the world of Brae. We will tell you all about the collections in more detail, behind the scene’s sneak peaks, trend inspiration and general thoughts on the fashion industry. Want to know our secrets behind the processes? Yeah we’ll share that too! In the mean time for those of you that don't know, Brae has been nearly a year in the making and we couldn’t be happier with the reception and interest we have had in...

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